ADDRESS 46 Arataki Road Havelock North Hawkes Bay New Zealand
CONTACT Mail: info@berrybees.co.nz 06 8776205
For many years now we have been producing honey from the beautiful Hawkes Bay countryside. John is a third generation beekeeper and worked with his family at Arataki Honey for many years before starting his own beekeeping business with his brother Peter. This continued for 20 years and now the kids have grown up and left home, so we have downsized our business and now produce comb honey for the local Hawkes Bay Farmers Market. Our comb honey is cut straight from a honey frame and packaged immediately guaranteeing you a fresh, natural product.




Multiflora Comb Honey

This natural mixture of the bees favourite flowers makes for a unique and varied taste.

Manuka Comb Honey

Harvested from the hill country around Hawkes Bay, this Manuka honey is dark and strongly flavoured.

Clover Comb Honey

A mild honey with a subtle and delicate flavour that is particularly delicous as comb honey.